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Elite EXTRA allows you to view all of your pending delivery orders in one location and then easily dispatch the orders to your in-house driver staff or our crowdsourced external delivery options allowing you to fulfill your customers’ delivery needs quickly and efficiently.

Our easy-to-use software is all cloud-based and requires no additional hardware or software. Pay based on a month-to-month agreement with no long-term contracts to make things simple for you!

Next steps to getting started with your Elite EXTRA dispatch and delivery solution:

  1. You’ve taken the first steps to a streamlined delivery operation. Fill out the form below, and a member from our experienced eCommerce team will reach out to you to begin implementation on your personalized Elite EXTRA advanced dispatching solution. Can’t wait to get started? Contact us at sales@eliteextra.com.
  2. Select the features you need to get your product to customers quickly and efficiently.
  3. Receive training on the Elite EXTRA solution from our top-notch trainers and continue to receive unlimited virtual training whenever you need a refresher or have questions.
  4. Start dispatching using your internal drivers or our crowd-sourced delivery options like Lyft, Postmates, or local courier services that are available in your area.
  5. Make happy customers, drive repeat business, and see the proven ROI that Elite EXTRA has to offer.

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Top Elite EXTRA Features For WooCommerce Users:

Optimized Route Sequencing

EXTRA automatically optimizes routes to dramatically increase efficiency. Your routes will be built according to promised customer time windows, traffic, proximity, customer preferences, and much more!

Delivery Time Windows

Fulfilling promised time windows for your deliveries is essential to keep your customers happy. Your routes will be optimized according to your time windows - ensuring you’re never late for an important delivery!

External Delivery Services

Select any route, order, or delivery and see the external delivery services that are available in your area. Visibility of each options’ cost and delivery time allows you to make an informed decision to get your delivery completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Easily select the preferred external delivery option, and see them at your door in minutes to complete your delivery!

Signature Capture and Photo Capture

Gather electronic signatures upon delivery or use our contact-free photo capture method. All signatures and photos are automatically updated to the web where they’ll be attached to a proof of delivery document within Elite EXTRA and can be sent automatically to your customers.

Real-time GPS Tracking

Full visibility of your drivers and routes is key to making informed decisions on the fly. Get a full picture view of your drivers’ location, speed, and route ETA’s all in real-time.

Email and Text ETA Alerts

We’re looking forward to working with you, discovering your business’s personalized needs, and getting you kicked-off with Elite EXTRA’s game-changing dispatch solution!

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