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Industry Leaders Offer a Road Map for the Future: Lyft Insights

In this clip, Sam Plunkett, Sr. Business Development Mgr. at Lyft shares insights into some of the innovative solutions on the horizon in the logistics industry. Sam also digs into the benefits of using on-demand delivery services such as Lyft to augment delivery fleets in order to meet the heightened delivery demands of consumers.

Same Day Deliveries: Rick Monterio Discusses Technology That Helps Businesses Grow

In this clip, Rick Monterio, Parts Director at Jack Powell CJDR and past president of MOPAR, gives his take on technologies and features that will help businesses to grow. Rick also describes the benefit of utilizing the partnership between Elite EXTRA and Lyft to complete deliveries with on-demand fleets.

What is the “Last Mile Disruption”?

Starting with Amazon’s online ordering and 2-day shipping back in 2005, everyone is talking about “Last Mile Disruption”. Customers are demanding fast delivery for their online orders with real-time visibility through every step of the process.

Last Mile Delivery Innovations: New Tools to Align Sales and Operations in 2021

In this clip, Alex Witcpalek from Sales-i discusses the innovations that are available to align sales and operations to strengthen the future of your business.

Deliver With Elite EXTRA's External Delivery Services Feature!

Solve your driver shortage and meet strict customer time windows with ease by dispatching orders to integrated crowdsourced fleets such as Lyft or Postmates seamlessly through Elite EXTRA’s External Delivery Services option! Visit the page below to start delivering with external delivery services today, with Elite EXTRA!

Elite EXTRA Last Mile Initiative

Elite EXTRA is a proven thought-leader on this disruption and is dedicated to guiding you through all of the challenges that come with it with our award-winning software. Listen to our VP, CSO, Jon Ward discuss this current industry focus on "Last Mile Disruption" and how Elite EXTRA's 2020 Last Mile Initiative can prepare your business to thrive in this rapidly-changing environment!

Introducing Panasonic and Elite EXTRA : Streamline Your Last Mile Delivery Operations

Introducing Panasonic and Elite EXTRA -- trusted names in technology that are joining forces to provide a solution to reduce your distribution costs.

Elite EXTRA: Powering the Future

President and Founder Jim Ward, describes the recent change of our tagline to "Powering the Future" in order to fully capture what we believe to be the future vision of the Elite EXTRA software.


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